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Boolean Searches

Boolean: Pronunciation: BOO-le-un.

For more complex searches, you can use:

  • 'AND' or '+'
  • 'OR' (Boolean OR)
  • 'NOT' or '-'(Boolean NOT)
  • 'AND NOT', 'OR NOT', etc (combinations with NOT)

The Boolean search operator AND is equal to the "+" symbol.
The Boolean search operator NOT is equal to the "-" symbol.
The Boolean search operator OR is the default setting of any search engine; meaning, all search engines will return all the words you type in, automatically.

Simple Searches

Examples of Simple Searches:

  • "Masanao" gets 2,136 results.
  • "Masanao ivory" gets 32,714 results
  • "Masanao or ivory" gets 32,714 results (same as "Masanao ivory")
  • "Masanao and ivory" gets 503 results
  • "Masanao + ivory" gets 503 results (same as "Masanao and ivory")

You may occasionally get what appear to be inconsistent results, which are due to several different issues of the information in the database and the ways searches are preformed.

If the Simple Search does not get you the preferred results, please try the Advanced Search, which will give you more control over your search.

References for Boolean Searches

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