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Norman L. Sandfield's Netsuke Home Page

Users Help Guide for The Ultimate Netsuke Bibliography Online (TUNB) on www.internetsuke.com

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  1. There are two search options:
    Simple Search
    Simple Search searches all of the following fields: Title, Contributors, Publisher, and the Place Published
    Advanced Search
    Advanced Search allows you to choose to search specifically in the following fields: Title, Contributors, Publisher and the Place Published
    In both you can choose Results Per Page.

  2. Type in the word or words you want to find, using Boolean terminology.
    • Searches are not case sensitive
    • Everything is a wild card by default, for example "ant" will find "plant"

  3. 'Results Per Page': Choose the number of records you want to see on one page.

  4. Click on Search!

  5. To see the details on any specific record in your Search results, click on VIEW in the right-hand column. This brings up a window showing additional details of the entry in the Ultimate Netsuke Bibliography

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