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Inventory For Sale: Ojime Miseru

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Ojime Miseru - 'slide fastener' bead, 'to show'
"slide fastener" bead "to show"

"Due to the recent dramatic changes in the gold and silver markets, we have had to change the prices. Please contact us for updated pricing.

A Unique and Innovative Way to Wear Your Favorite Ojime!


Don't hide away your treasures, wear them every day!

Originally created by Charlotte Hume

Manufactured and Distributed
Exclusively by
Norman L. Sandfield
8301 North Central Expressway
1 Ventana Way N Apt 703
Dallas, TX 75225-4536
TEL: (773) 386-1733
EMAIL: norman@sandfield.org
WEB: www.internetsuke.com

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Ojime Miseru

  • Wear your favorite Ojime as a pendant with this unique and innovative ojime hanger, handcrafted from 14K gold or solid sterling silver.
  • Safe and secure - the ojime can be changed quickly and easily by removing it's gold or solver split ring.
  • Wear them on chains, or silk Inro cord (available in many colors) of up to 4mm in diameter. Larger rings may be available on request. Can also be worn suspended from pierced ear hoops, or suspended from a ring on a brooch.
  • Available in five standard sizes, accomodating the most popular sizes (height - diameter) of ojime.
  • Custom sizes crafted at a modest extra cost.

Dealers: A great opportunity to sell a single ojime which can be worn immediately as a necklace. Makes a fantastic gift! Excellent for display. Quantity discounts available upon request.

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Ordering Details

Download and print the Ojime Miseru Sizing Guide, then measure the size (height) of your ojime by matching it against the outlines.

Each size Ojime Miseru will hold all smaller sizes (heights) of ojime. Ojime with a smaller diameter himotoshi (cord hole) may require a custom made Ojime Miseru.

The sterling silver Ojime Miseru adapters are now shipped with white-gold split-rings, which have a greater tensile strength, and keep their spring tension longer, for more security.

Prices are subject to change in case of dramatic changes in the fine metals market.

Please Note: Ojime are a fairly specific Japanese bead. These beads are strung on thick woven cord, hence their relatively large center hole. While the Ojime Miseru might work with some beads from other cultures, it is designed primarily for Japanese ojime beads. Other beads meant to be hung on wire or string usually have holes too small to accept an Ojime Miseru. For beads with small center holes, you might want to consult a jeweler for a custom post or ring.

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Order Form

Please fill out the form below. Be sure to include quantity, size, and type (14K gold or Sterling Silver), as well as contact information so that we may contact you regarding your order.

City:  State:
Country: Zip:
Telephone:   Fax:

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